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Our story

The TRANUTRA concept was years in the making with the aim of creating signature gourmet meals for busy professionals. This acronym literally means “Train Nutrify Transform”. It is a Healthy Lifestyle company that was founded on the philosophy that if you exercise and nourish your body, you can transform it into the incredible machine it was designed to be. Our new mission is to us augmented and virtual reality AR/VR apps and games to educate the community about the lifetime rewards of eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. The ideas is to create an immersive reality experience and paint poignant imagery of the what happens to the body with it become ill or is invaded by a virus or bacteria.
The TRANUTRA concept has both a physical and spiritual connotation. I believe in order to be healthy; one must exercise and nourish their mind, body, and spirit. TRANUTRA is the parent company of my endeavors which includes our Healthy Meal delivery services and the Healing Our Community platform. There are four areas of focus: TRANUTRA-Kids, TRANUTRA-Youth, TRANUTRA-Gold, to focus on the health and wellbeing of senior citizens, and TRANUTRA-Pro, to focus on professionals and pro athletes.

Meet our founder, Chef Mark

Mark Wright is a chef, health coach, and bestselling author who have spent over two decades traveling the globe refining his skills alongside several highly reputable culinary experts. Over the years, Chef Mark underwent extensive and diverse training in the culinary arts in the hospitality industry. Chef’s Mark passion for food and health led him to undergo studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach. Chef Mark’s nick named “the healthy chef’s, Journey began through the Tropical Rain Forest of Guyana, South America as the head Chef of a Joint UN-CITES project, then to Jamaica where he was expose to delectable international cuisine at the infamous Sandals Resorts , then through the Caribbean islands, then to Canada where he pursued culinary studies at George Brown College in Toronto, then to New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, and now Miami where he calls home, and has spent the better part of this decade envisioning his dream of his Health and Fitness Empire.
He worked with the Holiday Inn and Sandals Resort (Jamaica), The Maho Beach Resort (St. Maarten), The Grand Hyatt in New York City, The Hyatt Regency in Jersey City NJ, Hyatt Regency Washington DC on Capitol Hill, The Hyatt Regency Miami and the Holiday Inn Miami among others before starting his first company TRANUTRA Inc, (Chef/owner) followed by his second company Executive Gourmet Creations (Chef/owner) … a gourmet event catering company.
Together these projects have paid great dividends as they enabled him to hone and cement his craft as a very internationally renowned distinguished gourmet chef. His time spent in places like Guyana, Suriname, Brazil, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua & Barbuda. St Kitts and Nevis, The Dutch Antilles St. Maarten, Curacao, Aruba, and St Eustatius, Canada, South Africa, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, and the USA has enhanced his culinary understanding and chef’s lenses through which he sees, serves and caters in a very savvy way to various groups of food consumers. Undoubtedly, the sum of Chef Mark’s training, experience, exposure, knowledge, skills and disposition have adequately and undeniably readied him as a culinary connoisseur. In his best-selling book Healing Our Community One Recipe at a Time. A Prescription for Healing Health and Longevity, it captures and displays his wealth of culinary knowledge and his passion for healthy living. He is terribly excited to share this knowledge and passion with those who are either interested in learning about culinary matters, desirous to live healthily, and hopes to use his book, platform and company TRANUTRA which is the acronym for Train Nutrify Transform as a springboard to jump-start the conversation, on healing, health and our community.
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Meet the team

David Octavio Gandell
Chief of Marketing
2X cancer survivor, TEDx Speaker and an Award-winning Life Coach. David has been honored with the prestigious Champion of the Human Spirit & Mogul Survivor Awards, and holds a B.A. in Marketing Management and Speech Communication from the University of South Florida. He is the founder of LifeChangers4Life, Preside of Octavio Gandell World Enterprises Inc. With extensive Management Consultant experience, he has inspired corporations to develop business strategies, create profit centers, communication skills between employees and servicing customers or clients.
Brian May
Chief Operating Officer
Brian is a seasoned technologist with 25 years of experience building and maintaining large, enterprise projects in nearly every sector. His expertise is in computing systems, virtualization, and cloud computing. Brian has built solutions from the U.S. Military, large Federal agencies, Dept. of Defense contractors, Healthcare providers, and large financial institutions all the way to local State governments and small private companies. For the last two years, he has been a Consultant for a Fortune Top 50 cloud computing software company with revenue topping $8B. His previous role was a Senior Consultant for Dell Inc. for nearly a decade.
Rhonda Lyons
Chief Technology Officer
Rhonda Lyons, MBA, Ph.D. C, is the Founder & CEO of NYRAD® Incorporated, an innovative Aerospace and Defense engineering company. With over 25+ years of experience within the aerospace & aeronautics industry, she has worked with the likes of Boeing, Micro Aerospace Solutions, and NASA. A serial entrepreneur, her most recent business venture, Thrust & Nozz™, is a high-end brand featuring propulsive space technologies. Lyons has been recognized by American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics for her engineering and design contributions.
Roy Ribot
Chief Financial Officer
A Public Accountant for Ribot Business Solutions, Roy’s expertise includes public accountancy, payroll manager roles, bookkeeping, and preparation of IRS tax documentation. Prior to Ribot Business solutions, Roy was a business banking specialist for Wells Fargo Bank, where he was involved in business consultancy and business lender solutions. His expertise and passion for numbers have won him several awards, including the Start Team Member at Wells Fargo Bank.
Sasikanth Vankayalapatil
Front-End Engineer & System Analysis
Sasikanth has over a decade of I.T. experience with an extensive background in program management, agile development, and business analytics, skilled in implementing and utilizing critical business intelligence solutions. He has over 10 years of experience working as a Consultant with Cognizant Technology Solutions and Infinite Computer Solutions. Success stories, to name a few, are – improved J.D. Power ratings for a utility client; successful launch of an on-demand streaming service for a Media client in different global territories from the U.S. to EMEA, APAC, and LATAM.
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